Homepage redesign — building the essential destination

FloSports has evolved its business to provide complete coverage of the sports we bring to our users. Unfortunately, the existing homepage didn't adapt to this evolution. It under-indexed on the depth of content we have in each vertical and over-indexed on VoD and live streams. With the redesign, we aimed to align the homepage with current business goals to foster user retention and engagement.


We engaged a research partner to get a clear picture of the existing challenges and opportunities. Our research partner pinpointed five essential areas to address:

  • Make the homepage dynamic for all sports
  • Provide a data-rich sports experience emphasizing live stats
  • Standardize and improve navigation accessibility
  • Offer consistent content presentations based on user interests
  • Create a dense, device-responsive content experience

Once our team had clear goals, I led our definition, exploration, and delivery phases, making our insights actionable and tangible.


I worked in the capacity of design lead and project manager. I led a team of three designers through the early design exploration and delivery phases. We worked in design sprints utilizing the prompt > design > critique method. As we converged on ideas, we'd work with our research partner to test assumptions with real users.

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I reframed our research insights in this phase as "How Might We" (HMW) statements. This helped facilitate brainstorming sessions with cross-functional team members. Using the note, vote, and discuss method, we generated, discussed, and prioritized 100 solutions. I created an affinity diagram following this activity and turned the team's ideas into design prompts.

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Design iterations

Our team used the prompt > design > critique method to work in 2-3 day design sprints, allowing us to explore numerous ideas within a focused goal. We began with wireframes and gradually increased fidelity as we converged on solutions.

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Final designs

Once we had alignment and buy-in from cross-functional teams, I executed high-fidelity designs and worked with our research partner to validate our work. We worked iteratively between tests, enabling us to learn and adapt quickly. After refining the designs, I collaborated with product and engineering partners to build and deploy the new homepage across all 26 FloSports verticals.

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